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8 Flat Sandals That Will Ensure You Have Happy (and Fashionable) Feet This Summer

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With the sweltering heat ahead of us, hobbling around in sky-high stilettos during the summer months (usually) results in swollen feet, unsightly blisters, and aching arches, but there is a way to make a fashion statement without the dreaded aforementioned conditions. Enter the statement flat sandal. Festooned with embellishment—think tassels, beads, and gemstones—these shoes are anything but minimal. Case in point: Dolce & Gabbana’s leafy printed style bedecked with a fur pom-pom, hanging bananas, and glistening crystals or Mabu by Maria BK’s leather lace-up strung with peace signs and evil eye charms. Sometimes just a fiery hit of color will do the trick, as seen with H&M’s orange sandal. No matter the occasion—be it brunch or late night dancing—these shoes will ensure you make an entrance.